written by TJM
10 \8\2015

flaggCorcoran football has long been a central New York power, annually pumping out talented groups of athletes in section III. While 2015 is no different, the Cougars have suffered three losses at the hands of some beefy double-A foes (Liverpool, Christian Brothers and Rome Free Academy). Still, Corcoran retains players with a lot of ability and confidence that would love to jump-start what remains of their season by stamping a W on the state’s best class A team.

The Spartans will take to the road this Friday night to square off with the Cougars under the lights in Syracuse at 6:00pm. Maine-Endwell comes into this game having beat Johnson City last week, a team that bares a resemblance to Corcoran in many ways. The Cougars play a high energy brand of football that leverages both a spread style of offense as well as a power-centered wishbone look. Their most effective and frequently used weapon is 5-5, 160 lb junior running back Devonte Flagg (5) who will search and run through traffic, while a couple of big and talented receivers in 6-2 Keison Cannon (9) and 6-1 John Elliott (11) run routes to keep opposing defenses honest. Also standing 6-1, quarterback Aaron White (7) is a big kid that has two huge protective agents on his offensive line in guard Tysean Thomas (75) and tackle Robert Leonard (77). Thomas and Leonard alone team up to place more than 700 pounds worth of offensive linemen on the field without even factoring in the other four men. While it will be a fruitless effort for Maine-Endwell to move these players on offense or defense (both double as defensive tackles), the tradeoff for Corcoran in size is speed and lateral mobility. On paper, the Cougars appear big and athletic and may be tough to defend in the air as Elliott and Cannon are both very adept high school receivers, however, White’s awkward delivery and ability to connect with those receivers may come into question when faced with the Maine-Endwell pass rush.

Maine-Endwell, while posting some sizable numbers of the unfavorable kind in last week’s game against JC, are still among the finest and most disciplined football units in New York State. Their offensive efforts in that game showed a team that has matured into a traditional Maine-Endwell power, balancing the rushing load over three very talented running backs. Their 400-plus yards of rushing efficiency are a testament to the ground game that the Spartans will enter Friday night’s contest with. Corcoran reserves a host of talented defenders that will lead their secondary, but whose discipline has already been called into question after engaging West Genesee in a scrum that saw at least one top defensive back sidelined with a disciplinary suspension. For Corcoran, stopping Maine-Endwell’s offense will require football senses to be at their sharpest while maintaining team unity. Maine-Endwell, on the other hand, will need to cover closely the big boys being sent downfield and in the screen on pass patterns, something that has been a constant challenge for them over the years. 

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